Power 60 Messages

For Teachers and Educators: One POWER 60 audio message should be played every day in the classroom for a 2 – 4 week period for your students. POWER 60audio messages also can be played for the entire school during your school’s morning or afternoon


The Need

Power 60 was born out of the frustration of its founder Rod Patterson after he had to repeatedly turn down schools that wanted and needed anti-bullying programming but simply had no funding. After seeing countless news stories about bullying, violence


The Voice of Power 60

 There is no man more fitting of the description “A Man On A Mission” than Roderick Patterson, aka Sir Rod. His positive outlook has awarded him tremendous success for many years. As a resident of Atlanta, GA, he has founded several organizations, such as the

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Welcome To The Power 60

How it Works

How it Works

As a gift to our education system and you, Sounds of Knowledge is currently offering a free online curriculum.  Yes, a FREE CURRICULUM for your school.  This is our POWER 60 Curriculum, is a component of the “Five and Fun Tour”. POWER 60

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