Power 60 was born out of the frustration of its founder Rod Patterson after he had to repeatedly turn down schools that wanted and needed anti-bullying programming but simply had no funding. After seeing countless news stories about bullying, violence and even students committing suicide in the very school districts he had tried to offer anti-bullying programming too,  Mr. Patterson started seeking a new way to help him with his mission. He wanted to develop a way to help get his desperately needed programs to the schools that wanted and needed them regardless of their budgetary restrictions. This is how The Power 60 was born. Our goal is to reach and deliver anti-bullying program to over 1 million students in the upcoming year with The Power 60. “If we can stop even just one violent act or a student from committing suicide, then it’s worth every penny and all the effort to reach our goal” says Patterson. Sign up and join the Power 60 movement today… It’s a FREE a gift to your School and Community.